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CAA Driver Proficiency Syllabus - Level 3

CAA Driver Proficiency Syllabus - Level 3

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The Level Three Syllabus for the the CAA's Driver Proficiency Program.

The highest recognition offered this level requires demonstration of horsemanship and driving ability, continuing with unit-based competence. In order to achieve a full certificate for Level 3, a candidate must complete all the compulsory Units, 1,2,3, plus any one of the optional Units 4,5, or 6. Candidates will receive credit for all units they complete successfully. Available to CAA members only.

Level 3’s Compulsory Units:

1. Training of the Driven Horse; 2. Practical Driving – Single Horse; 3. Vehicles and Harness

Level 3’s Optional Units:

Any one Unit is required for the full certificate:

4. Pair Driving – Advanced Level; 5. Driving with Four Reins -Tandem; 6. Driving with Four Reins – Four-in-hand

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