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Barns and Outbuildings: And How to Build Them (2ND ed.)

Barns and Outbuildings: And How to Build Them (2ND ed.)

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A fascinating tribute to the beauty of the farm and the ingenuity of the American farmer First published in 1881, Barns and Outbuildings, Second Edition, presents dozens of practical examples of barns and outbuildings, both large and small, complete with illustrations, floor plans, and building instructions for your easy use. Inside you will find a wealth of design ideas, including:
-Western cattle barn with covered cattle stalls
-Portable pigpen with self-closing doors
-Ice house
-Dog house
-Smoke house
Included are tips on choosing the correct foundation and materials for your particular structure and on how to take into account the overall aesthetics of your farm when planning your new building. Combining sturdy practicality with fine craftsmanship, Barns and Outbuildings, Second Edition provides you with all the information you need in planning your barn or outbuilding.

Table of Contents:
Chapter I. General Farm Barns -- The Barn of Mr. David Lyman -- Mr. Lawson Valentine's Barn -- An Ohio Barn -- A Missouri Barn -- A Good Farm Barn -- Another Barn for Mixed Farming -- Mr. Charles S. Sargent's Barn -- A Plan for a Small Barn -- Another Small Barn -- The Echo Farm Barn -- Chapter II. Cattle Barns and Stables -- A Cattle Barn -- A Western Cattle Barn -- A Second Western Cattle Barn -- Covered Stalls for Cattle -- Cheap Cattle Sheds and Barns -- Cheap Barn and Connecting Stables -- A Temporary Cattle Shed -- A Combined Cow Shed and Pigpen -- Chapter III. Dairy Barns -- A Westchester Co., N. Y., Dairy Barn -- An Orange Co., N. I., Dairy Barn -- An Extension Dairy Barn -- Chapter IV. Cattle Shelters -- An Archway Shelter -- Cheap Temporary Shelters for Stock -- Cattle Shelters on the Plains -- Chapter V. Sheep Barns and Sheds -- A Convenient Sheep Barn -- Sheep Sheds and Racks -- Shed for Soiling Sheep -- Virginia Sheep Barn -- A Kansas Sheep Shelter -- Sheep Shelter on the Plains -- Chapter VI. Poultry Houses -- A Cheap and Convenient Poultry House -- An Ohio Poultry House -- Another Cheap Hen House -- Poultry Houses for Four Varieties -- Poultry House for a Number of Breeds -- Poultry Farming and Hillside Poultry Houses -- Ducks and Duck Houses -- Winter Care of Fowls -- Stove for Poultry Houses -- Chapter VII. Piggeries -- Plan of a Piggery -- A Convenient Farm Piggery -- Mr. Crozier's Pigpen -- A Comfortable Pigpen -- Pens and Yards for One Hundred and Fifty Hogs -- A Portable Pigpen -- Pigpen, Hen House, and Corn Crib Combined -- A Pigpen and Tool House -- A Cheap Pigpen -- Self-Closing Door for Pigpen -- A Swinging Door for Pigpen -- Chapter VIII. Carriage Houses -- A Combined Carriage and Tool House -- Chapter IX. Corn Houses and Cribs -- The Connecticut Corn House -- An Improved Corn House -- Western Corn Houses -- Another Western Corn House -- A Self-Feeding Corn Crib -- A Self-Discharging Corn Crib -- A Cover for Corn Cribs -- Chapter X. Ice Houses -- Ice: Its Uses and Importance -- Plan of an Ice House -- A Cheap Ice House -- A Small Ice House -- Underground Ice Houses -- An Ice House in the Barn -- Ice without Houses -- Chapter XI. Ice Houses and Cool Chambers -- Several Plans -- A Chamber Refrigerator -- Chapter XII. Dairy Houses -- Ice House and Summer Dairy Combined -- A Butter Dairy -- A Pennsylvania Dairy -- Chapter XIII. Spring Houses -- Interior of Spring House -- A Dome-shaped, Concrete Spring House -- Chapter XIV. Granaries, etc. -- A Granary with its Grain Bins -- Another Granary with Plan of Grain Bins -- Plan of Corn Crib and Granary -- A Measuring Grain Bin -- Sliding Spout for a Barn and Granary -- Convenient Grain Bin -- Chapter XV. Smoke Houses -- A Convenient Smoke House -- Improved Smoke Houses -- Cheap Smoke Houses -- Smoking Meats in a Small Way -- A Smoke House Convenience -- An Oven and Smoke House Combined -- Chapter XVI. Dog Kennels -- Dog Kennels -- Chapter XVII. Bird Houses -- Bird Houses -- Pigeon Houses -- Chapter XVIII. The Preservation of Fodder in Silos -- European Methods and Experiments -- An American Silo for Brewers' Grains -- Silos under Stables -- Sour Fodder Making -- Chapter XIX. Root Cellars and Root Houses -- Root Cellars -- A Field Root Cellar -- Pits for Storing Roots -- A Cave for Roots -- Preserving Roots in Heaps.

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