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American Horse-Drawn Vehicles

American Horse-Drawn Vehicles

$ 40.00

A Collection of 218 Authentic Reproductions of 183 Early American Horse-Drawn Vehicles...All Illustrations taken from original fashion plates and photographs of the builders, are described.

Here is a unique album that includes everything from dog carts to Conestoga wagons. This delightful collection is especially valuable for libraries, artists, and model makers because of its reproductions of manufacturer's original drawings, photographs, dimensions, specifications, and detailed views.

Included are any variations of these types of vehicles: wagons, buggies, carts, surreys, cabs, buckboards, carriages, coaches, sleighs, fire engines, and hearses.  Here is everything from $50.00 buggies to elegant broughams, victorias, and landaus that sold for as much as $2,000!

This amazing assortment of colorful American horse-drawn vehicles brings back those by-gone days when Old Dobbin was king- when nearly 700 firms were making such vehicles. This remarkable book is indeed a fascinating bit of americana, an account of a more leisurely way of life.

Over 200 illustrations, hardcover

by Jack D. Rittenhouse

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