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Manual of Coaching, A

Manual of Coaching, A

$ 85.00

(Limited edition) A new reprint of the classic.

A Manual of Coaching, blends a lifetime of experience with horses, an engineer’s mind and an artistic sensibility with Fairman Rogers' renowned expertise in the difficult art of driving a four-in-hand coach. The first ten chapters cover the history of coaching, and the mechanical operation of a horse-drawn vehicle. There is an entire chapter on distribution of weight, center of gravity and centrifugal forces, and another chapter on draft as affected by axles, wheels, road surfaces and horse locomotion. There are three chapters on harnessing, and eight chapters on different aspects of driving. Many contemporary books on coaching and riding are upper-class how-to manuals, but apart from a chapter on correct appearance in terms of servants and apparel, this is a serious technical about working with horses.

Hardcover, 579 pp, b/w.

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