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Carriage Driving Games

Carriage Driving Games

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The Hunterdon County Horse & Pony Association decided to try something new.  They wanted to have a fun end-of-year activity that everyone in the club could participate in.  Something more than a casual drive, but less than a formal competition.  The organizers came up with a combination of games and a fun 'marathon' which became a very popular club event.  Tricia and Barbara Heartlein have put their years of organizing carriage driving games for their club into this wonderful booklet.


The booklet contains guidelines and ideas for nearly 50 carriage-driving games with diagrams, fun drives, and silly events.  Each game includes "what the drivers are trying to do", how it is judged, equipment needed, volunteers needed, and Course notes with the author's suggestions for the game.  Gain new ideas for fun and safe games, and learn tips and tricks on marking a marathon course, making your own cone measuring sticks, and much more.


Softcover, 53 pages.

Presented by the Carriage Association of America. The book is edited by Tricia and Barbara Haertlein.

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